New Era Beckons New Collaborations Ahead between NARIT and University of Mandalay

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June 16, 2016

University of Mandalay

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Today, Prof. Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, Executive Director of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) together with Dr. Saran Poshyachinda, Deputy Director and NARIT team continued its Burmese rendezvous by giving lectures to the audience, most of them were students from Department of Physics, University of Mandalay. 


Following the successful MoU signing ceremony between the signatories of NARIT and the University of Mandalay yesterday, the spirit of sharing the future prosperity of astronomical development by the 2 nations has been spread across. Today’s lectures were part of the NARIT’s collaborative efforts in strengthening the Mekong sub-region’s science, technology and innovation, employing astronomy as a tool for sustainable development. 



Prof. Boonrucksar touched upon recent development of NARIT’s astronomy - academic wise and research alike. He also pointed out certain areas of collaboration that Thailand and Myanmar can engage on, as an implementation of the MoU, such as astronomy studies and trainings, astronomy research and public outreach activities. These key areas are put as top priorities that both institutions are initially looking at closely to start off with.



The deputy director of NARIT, Dr. Saran Poshyachinda, on the other hand, focused on the development of NARIT’s current and emerging astronomical infrastructure, facilities and instrumentation. He also encouraged the audience to engage more in astronomy as he displayed his very own astrophotography collection, depicting how astronomy can be an entertaining tool that attracts the new generation to be more exposed to science and technology. 



Dr. Utane Sawangwit, NARIT’s homegrown researcher, took the audience on a journey to observe the Universe as he slowly glided through a brief introduction of our dark Universe, using his cosmology background as an approach to the abyss of the vastness of the spacious Universe. His talk, “Observing the dark Universe” had been well accepted by the crowd with a great enthusiasm. 



The lecture session concluded with 2 lecturers from the Burmese counterpart, producing sublime presentations, revolving around the topics of “Black Hole, Supernovae and Big Bang” by Prof. Kyaw Min and “Introduction to the Universe” by Dr. Yee Yee Oo from Yadanabon University in Amarapura – the nearby city adjacent to Mandalay. The aforementioned talks were equally accepted by the audience alike. 



“Let’s celebrate this much sought after MoU with good cooperation lying ahead of us. I strongly believe that with our continuing commitment in connecting the CLMV neighbouring countries together, making good use of astronomy as a mechanism to boost the momentum of our dynamic region especially in science, technology and innovation. Now that Myanmar is shining in the glorious era, doors of opportunities are finally open for astronomy to pave its way for sustainable development in science, technology and innovation not only for bilateral interests but also at the regional scale as well.”, remarked Prof. Boonrucksar as he concluded the lecture session. 


Stay tuned for the NARIT’s CLMV mission as the team is heading to Vietnam next month.