List of Publications 2020


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  • Banglieng, C.; Janthaloet, H.; Ruffolo, D., Macatangay, R. and 9 more, “Tracking Cosmic-Ray Spectral Variation during 2007─2018 Using Neutron Monitor Time-delay Measurements”, 2020ApJ...890...21B2020/02
  • Burns, R. A.; Orosz, G.; Bayandina, O. Koichiro, S and 22 more, “VLBI observations of the G25.65+1.05 water maser superburst”, 2020MNRAS.491.4069B2020/01
  • Phriksee, Anirut; Jullo, Eric; Limousin, Marceau, Sawangwit, Utane and 4 more, “Weak lensing analysis of CODEX clusters using dark energy camera legacy survey: mass-richness relation”, 2020MNRAS.491.1643P2020/01
  • Wyrzykowski, Ł.; Mróz, P.; Rybicki, K. A.; Awiphan, S., and 182 more, “Full orbital solution for the binary system in the northern Galactic disc microlensing event Gaia16aye”, 2020A&A...633A..98W2020/01
  • Xing, Li, Guohui Li, Siwatt Pongpiachan, Qiyuan Wang, Yongming Han, Junji Cao, Danai Tipmanee, Jittree Palakun, Suparerk Aukkaravittayapun, Vanisa Surapipith, Saran Poshyachinda, “Quantifying the contributions of local emissions and regional transport to elemental carbon in Thailand”, Environmental Pollution 262, 2020. (
  • Burns, Ross A.; Sugiyama, Koichiro; Hirota, Tomoya and 20 more, “A heatwave of accretion energy traced by masers in the G358-MM1 high-mass protostar”, 2020NatAs.tmp…10B
  • Doran, Rosa; Chaparro, German; Farmanyan, S. V. and 15 more, “Overview of IAU OAD Regional Offices and Language Centres”, 2020IAUGA..30..555D2020/03
  • Cutter, R.; Ackley, K.; Gompertz, B. P. and 42 more, “LIGO/Virgo S200213t: No notable candidates in GOTO imaging”, 2020GCN.27069....1C2020/02
  • Zhou, Xiao; Soonthornthum, Boonrucksar, Photometric investigation on the W-subtype contact binary V1197 Her, 2020RAA....20...10Z2020/01