Thai National Observatory (TNO)

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        The Thai National Observatory is the main facility of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, located at Km. 44 on Doi Inthanon (the highest  mountain in Thailand), Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is also renowned for the superb climate and tourist attraction. At 2,457 meters above the mean sea level, the observatory has superb seeing conditions suitable for advanced research in Astronomy and Astrophysics. TNO is set to become one of Asia's most advanced facilities in optical astronomy.

        The Observatory houses a 2.4-meter reflecting telescope with an alt-azimuth drive system and a Ritchey-Chretien optical system.. The drive system has been synchronized with automatic control of the dome structure. The telescope is manufactured at EOST in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The 2.4 m diameter primary mirror has been fabricated and undergone fine polishing at LZOS facility in Russia. The observatory will therefore play a significant role in supporting cutting edge research and international collaboration.

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Optical Telescopes and Detectors Available

1. A 2.4-meter Ritchey-Chretien alt-alzimuth drive reflectingTelescope 

2. A 0.5-meter Schmidt-Cassegrain Robotic Telescope 

3. A 2kx2k CCD Photometer with BVRI filter system 

4. A research-grade 4kx4k CCD Photometer with BVRI filter system

5. A high Resolution Echelle Spectrograph