Highlights of Activities

Hilight 01

10-inch Dobsonian telescope distributed to 610 schools in Thailand and neighboring countries  (Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar) bringing more than 1,000 astronomical activities annually to local communities

Hilight 02

50 DIY Paper Planetarium Kits to be distributed to schools per year

Hilight 03

More than 10 Astronomy Camps annually such as:-
- Astronomy youth camp
- Astronomy camp for school activities
- Astro kids summer camp
- Astronomy project for school
- Junior science communicator

Hilight 04

Teacher Trainings with over 1,000 participants per year in different levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Overview 05

Astro corner at schools with over 50 materials distributed to school network, more than 10,000 materials distributed per year

Overview 06

Dark Sky Star Party

Overview 07

Inclusive Astronomy for All  - Astronomy catered specifically for physically challenged people